Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale

Tomes of Terror publisher, Dundurn, has made the book $4.99 for US Thanksgiving weekend, in celebration of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Kobo  $4.99 Cdn (and corresponding converted prices throughout the globe – US, GBP, etc) $3.55 USD  £5.14

This pricing is pretty much 50% or more off of the regular price for the eBook edition.

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Tomes of Terror on CHCH Morning Live

Yesterday, Mark Leslie was a guest on CHCH Morning Live, and appeared in studio with Annette Hamm, talking about Tomes of Terror.

Annette Hamm, Barnaby Bones and Mark Leslie

During the chat, Mark shared overviews from the tale of Lord Combermere’s Chair, The Willard Library Ghost Cams, Waterdown Library and a little bit about books bound with human flesh.

Mark Leslie on CHCH Morning Live

Below is a link to the full video.

Mark Leslie on CHCH Morning Live

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The Eerie Elevator at Waterdown Public Library

Re-Posted from Mark Leslie’s Blog

It was a slightly rainy, windy and overcast night at Waterdown Public Library


Last night I did a talk and reading from Tomes of Terror: Haunted Bookstores and Libraries at Waterdown Public Library. The location is included in a chapter of my book and talks about the eerie elevators there and the fact that, despite being checked for mechanical error, they often have a life of their own, opening for no reason when nobody has pushed the call button and even trapping people between the two floors.

A #horrorselfie in front of the tombstones at WPL


The elevators started acting in this manner shortly after a pair of tombstones from Waterdown founders Alexander Brown and Merren Grierson were found and placed on display at the library.

One of the many signs advertising this talk/reading


I had a blast with the staff of the library, who were all awesome. But I mean, really, how could bookish people not be amazing? The library was decorated with all kinds of great Halloween displays, appropriate spooky-themed reading for adults and kids alike, and they had wonderfully creative signs hung all over the store announcing the event, which took place on the second floor in the children’s section.

Barnaby, all set up and ready for the talk and reading


I casually relayed several of the stories from my new book, as well as from Haunted Hamilton, then I read from two short chapters and wrapped up the evening with the tale of “The Legend of Prospero’s Ghost” – a story about my own personal experience with this ghost at McMaster University.

The awesome Waterdown Library staff posing in front of the elevators/tomestones


The interesting thing is that, even though the library was closed and all staff and patrons were upstairs listening to me tell my tale, the elevator door to the second floor opened twice on its own. Sara, one of the staff members there, told me this took place during my talk – it’s a good thing I didn’t notice it myself, otherwise I might have run screaming from the building.

I am a big chicken, after all . . .

Sara and Kari posing with Barnaby


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Excerpts Featured on 49th Shelf

Excerpts from two chapters of Tomes of Terror were featured on 49th Shelf on October 27th in an article written by Kerry Clare.

The article opens with the following quote:

Books and ghosts: how could we not feature Mark Leslie’s new book, Tomes of Terror: Haunted Bookstores and Libraries, on 49th Shelf during the week leading up to Halloween? It’s a collection of true tales about spooky places rife with books and ghosts, and even some less spooky places where you’d least expect a ghostly encounter—like a Smithbooks located in a suburban shopping mall. We’re pleased to share that story with you here, as well as another about a library reportedly haunted by a young woman whose face has been glimpsed peering out from the tower window.

The article excerpts from the chapters Getting Goosebumps at Smithbooks (page 71) and Millicent the Muse (page 169).

Read the full article here:

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Book Coming Fall 2014

Coming Fall 2014 from the author of HAUNTED HAMILTON and SPOOKY SUDBURY

Throughout history books have inspired, informed, entertained and enriched lives. Books change our lives, instruct us, thrill us, rob us of sleep, and lure us into the endless depths of their pages.

Bibliomaniacs know full well that books possess a special life of their own. But the places that house these books, the “shrines” and “temples” where book lovers flock, mingle and explore – bookstores and libraries, the very buildings that house these powerful tomes are sometimes themselves mystical and alluring places, not just for the living, but for lingering spirits.

Tomes of Terror is a celebration not just of the siren call of books, but a sharing of some of the eerie, creepy and fascinating ghost stories associated with bookish locations around the world. If you have ever felt the special aura in the very air of a bookshop or library, then you’ll certainly enjoy these fascinating and haunting tales.  Who knows who or what might be looking over your shoulder as you read.

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