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Excerpts Featured on 49th Shelf

Excerpts from two chapters of Tomes of Terror were featured on 49th Shelf on October 27th in an article written by Kerry Clare.

The article opens with the following quote:

Books and ghosts: how could we not feature Mark Leslie’s new book, Tomes of Terror: Haunted Bookstores and Libraries, on 49th Shelf during the week leading up to Halloween? It’s a collection of true tales about spooky places rife with books and ghosts, and even some less spooky places where you’d least expect a ghostly encounter—like a Smithbooks located in a suburban shopping mall. We’re pleased to share that story with you here, as well as another about a library reportedly haunted by a young woman whose face has been glimpsed peering out from the tower window.

The article excerpts from the chapters Getting Goosebumps at Smithbooks (page 71) and Millicent the Muse (page 169).

Read the full article here: http://49thshelf.com/Blog/2014/10/27/Books-and-Ghosts-Tomes-of-Terror

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