Book Coming Fall 2014

Coming Fall 2014 from the author of HAUNTED HAMILTON and SPOOKY SUDBURY

Throughout history books have inspired, informed, entertained and enriched lives. Books change our lives, instruct us, thrill us, rob us of sleep, and lure us into the endless depths of their pages.

Bibliomaniacs know full well that books possess a special life of their own. But the places that house these books, the “shrines” and “temples” where book lovers flock, mingle and explore – bookstores and libraries, the very buildings that house these powerful tomes are sometimes themselves mystical and alluring places, not just for the living, but for lingering spirits.

Tomes of Terror is a celebration not just of the siren call of books, but a sharing of some of the eerie, creepy and fascinating ghost stories associated with bookish locations around the world. If you have ever felt the special aura in the very air of a bookshop or library, then you’ll certainly enjoy these fascinating and haunting tales.  Who knows who or what might be looking over your shoulder as you read.

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